Pure Strength CrossFit Equipment

Five Types of Equipment that Every CrossFit Gym Needs

In order to stay in top physical shape, many are turning to CrossFit. This workout regime targets every muscle in the body and incorporates popular training methods, such as power-lifting, high intensity workouts, weightlifting, and even gymnastics. With so many components incorporated, there are numerous types of equipment necessary to make the program work. Every CrossFit gym needs these five main types of equipment.


Whether the gym chooses the black series or the red series, Pure Strength CrossFit Equipment offers different racks for their needs. Squat racks assist with squats and toning the legs. Other racks contain adjustable bars and spotter arms that can be changed to match anyone's height. These racks let people work on their pull-ups, dips, and other strength training exercises.


Since weightlifting is a major component to CrossFit, there needs to be a number of barbells and weights available for people to lift. This will help improve strength and tone muscles in the arms. Weights of different sizes should be included, as well as barbells of different lengths to accommodate everyone's needs.

Pull Behind Sled

Those looking to work their entire bodies and greatly improve their strength can use the pull behind sled to do so. This heavy weighted item is strapped to a person's body and pulled with their weight. They must use all their strength to get the sled to move.

Rowing Machine

Rowing a boat can be a difficult task, especially if an individual does not have the strength to consistently manage it. A rowing machine works out the arms and teaches the motions of rowing. It improves strength and improves rowing capabilities as well.

Flat Bench

A flat bench contains a bar that allows people to lift weights. This targets not only the arms, but also the chest. Rather than using barbells or free weights, many choose to utilize the flat bench for the comfort and stability. Since it targets the chest as well, it is a more productive exercise.

Pure Strength CrossFit Equipment includes everything one needs to improve their fitness. With a bench, rowing machine, sled, barbells, and racks, everyone can move from one machine or equipment type to the next, gaining strength and adding muscle. Each of these pieces of equipment target different muscles and areas of the body, ensuring a complete workout is done. Gym owners looking to add CrossFit equipment can visit www.pure-strength.com to see the wide selection of equipment they have to offer.